Armenia, with its remarkable cultural and historical heritage, diverse and spectacular mountainous landscapes, variations in geological substrate terrain, climate, soil and water resources, its rich fauna and flora as well as with its outstanding and diverse cuisine and historically routed customs and habits of its people provides excellent opportunities for remarkable and forever memorable special interest holidays of all types. 

In addition, Armenia has over 3 thousand years of statehood and is believed to be home of more ancient civilisations including famous Urartian Kingdom that historical and cultural heritage of Armenia  had been generated from. Some worldwide famous recent discoveries include the oldest winery (over 6100 years old) and leather shoe (5500 years old) in the world that have been discovered in Armenia. There are 7 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and Scenic Sites in addition to the two UNESCO intangible heritages in this very small country of 3.2 million inhabitants occupying only 29.8 thousand square kilometres. Ultimately, Armenia is the 1st country in the world adopting Christianity as a State Religion in 301 AD.

Considering the above unique heritage of Armenia, Nueva Vista has produced and executes a number of special interest tours and authentic holidays including but not limited to: UNESCO Heritage Tours, Culinary, Agriculture, Botanical, Bird watching, Ethno dance/music, photo, etc.