Nueva Vista DMC is for the time being the only inbound tour operator awarded the CSR committed by TourCert. On the basis of collaboration with TourCert and for the ‘CSR committed’ award, we commit to the following principles:

We work sustainably

We commit to our social responsibility and search continuously for ways to improve quality and sustainability in our business and in our travel products. 

We promote human rights

We protect people from every type of discrimination. We actively prevent all forms of corruption, forced labour and we protect children from any kind of exploitation. In particular, we ensure the rights to decent work, health, privacy and the rights of especially vulnerable persons, such as children, women, indigenous people, minorities and people with disabilities.

We offer fair working conditions

Over and above the statutorily regulated working conditions and wage agreements, we ensure fair working conditions in dialogue with our employees.

We protect the environment and biodiversity 

We reduce our energy and water consumption. We minimise waste and the use of hazardous materials and dispose of these in an environmentally-responsible manner. We make sure that our services put as little strain as possible on the environment. In particular, we protect ecologically-sensitive areas and their biodiversity. We respect all environmental laws and demand this from our contractors as well.