“Nueva Vista” takes pride in creating and maintaining a work environment, ethical and behavioural standards among its personnel that foster cooperation, fairness, integrity and respect for diversity as well as achievement of the company’s goals and objectives of providing highest possible services to clients, customers, partners and tourists by maintaining and promoting the highest ethical and behavioural standards. In support of achieving these objectives, the following basic principles govern the behaviour and ethics of personnel temporarily or permanently working with “Nueva Vista”. 

- “Nueva Vista” personnel shall at all times demonstrate unbiased willingness to work together and maintaining an enabling environment at the workplace, acting in a manner which respects the dignity and worth of all colleagues and customers regardless of race, gender, religion, colour, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or political conviction. The very same attitude shall be extended towards partners and tourists of the company.

- “Nueva Vista” personnel shall refrain from using physical or verbal expressions, in public or in private, which are or could be perceived as being biased, intolerant, intimidating or offensive.

- “Nueva Vista” personnel shall not demonstrate any act of harassment, physical of verbal, in any shape or form, or any behaviour that constitutes or could reasonably be interpreted as constituting harassment. 

- “Nueva Vista” personnel must not accept, without authorization from the company’s management, any honour, decoration, gift, remuneration, favour or economic benefit of more than nominal value (below EUR 100) from any source external to Nueva Vista and from other entities external to Nueva Vista. The only exceptions can be made to company’s drivers, tour managers and guides directly working with tourists who may accept gifts and remuneration for their outstanding performance during the tour programme directly from tourists. However, such exceptions shall not be made as normal practices and shall not be in any circumstances initiated by “Nueva Vista” personnel.

- Nueva Vista and its personnel work sustainably, promote human rights, actively prevent all forms of corruption, forced labour and we protect children from any kind of exploitation. 

- Nueva Vista offers fair working conditions and protect the environment and biodiversity