Armenia with its remarkable cultural and historical heritage, diverse and spectacular mountainous landscapes, variations in geological substrate terrain, climate, soil and water resources, its rich fauna and flora as well as with its outstanding and diverse cuisine and historically routed customs and habits of its people provides excellent opportunities for remarkable and forever memorable holidays.

“Nueva Vista” is proud of presenting its cultural tour programmes. In our daily work we aim at providing high quality and professional tourist services in Armenia and in Caucasus efficiently flavouring with Armenian and Caucasus well-known traditions and hospitality. The cultural tours designed and executed by Nueva Vista are focused on discovery of culture, history and nature of the country, its people and their lifestyle as well as on exploring very valuable historical and cultural heritage sights including the ones among UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. They present a fantastic and unprecedented mixture of classical cultural tours with some Armenia’s most fascinating natural scenic environment and discovery of Armenia’s unbelievably rich cultural, historical and ethnic heritage. A non-arranged and sudden interaction with local communities is also an important and fascinating endeavour for travellers as they witness how people live on this ancient land at present and understand their traditions and customs. In addition, elements of modern rural and urban Armenia including its economy, social system, art, music, theatre and everyday life of people are also to be part of the cultural tours.

Based on our long-term experience in designing and executing cultural tours and continues feedback from our tourists, we do believe in making your travel in Armenia indeed exciting, enjoyable and forever memorable.