The Armenian Church celebrates the year 301 as the year of its establishment when Gregory converted King Trdat into Christianity. The king, in turn, made Christianity the state religion. Thus, Armenia became the first state in the world, where Christianity was officially proclaimed as a unique state religion. Events of the fifth century were critical to making of a distinctively Armenian Christian culture and identity. The foremost of these was the invention of the Armenian alphabet. Translations of scripture, commentaries, liturgy, theology, and histories were made. Christianity was strengthened in Armenia by the translation of the Bible into the Armenian language by the Armenian theologian, monk and scholar Saint Mesrop Mashtots in the fifth century.

Because of the unique nature of Armenian Apostolic Church, its remarkable influence on Armenians and on spreading Christianity in the World, there is a significantly growing interest among tourists from different countries to have special programmes dedicated to the getting of the insight of Armenian Apostolic Church and its history as well as to know and participate in special Christian events and celebrations. Therefore, in addition to its long-experienced traditional Pilgrimage Tours, Nueva Vista has designed an unprecedented tours for different Christian holidays and events offering to discover early Christian monuments and churches of Armenia, most of which are included in the list of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Sites as well as to reveal the nature and importance of a number of different ceremonies that are taking place in these old churches as a part of holidays and events. At the same time, these special religious tours take you back to the early history of Christianity and fill you with unforgettable memories of how these holidays and events have been celebrated by the Armenian Apostolic Church for over 1,700 years.